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circumferential Seam, HablI' od matay'DI' puS 300 mm yb-hwh Welding

hwh Circumferential Seam Welding HablI' (φ > 300 mm) lo' Product descriptionshwh mach-sized circumferential seam HablI' welding Duj diameter qup puS φ1000mm welding. pong hea 'oH qon
product details:

youbest Welding Ltd Dev jungwoq od circumferential seam weld HablI' matay'DI' ta' law' yI'el 300 mm yb-hwh manufacturers 'ej suppliers, wholesale qutlh youbest welding pagh circumferential weld HablI' pe' chep Qu' vo' laSvargh wa'.

hwh Circumferential Seam HablI' Welding (φ > 300 mm).

product Descriptions

lo' hwh mach-sized circumferential seam HablI' welding Duj diameter qup puS φ1000mm welding. qon 'oH pong headstock, tailstock, hydraulic pump, jol, pneumatic bracket, weld trolley, slider, arc protection yuvtlhe', 'ej controller, etc. clamped vum 'ay' pong adjustable chuck headstock;  'ej laH lIS 'oH coaxial spindle 'elbogh by means of Do che'wI' 'oH chuck. pong hydraulic pump Qap 'ay' puS clamps tailstock; HeghDI' 'ut, laH pneumatic Qutlh in the middle of vum 'ay' ngat.

Vas Sech pagh chonaDmo', cha'logh vaj Sech pIm weld mIw.

product Specifications



Diameter welding

φ300 ~ φ1000mm

'aqroS weld 'ab

2500 mm

rotation Speed

0.05 ~ 1.0 rpm

rotation nguSDI'

Se' conversion nguSDI'

speed Regulation

stepless speed regulating

Hydraulic Pump Movement chuq

500 mm

Qutlh Segh


Slider chong Movement chuq

450 mm

clutch Segh


Oscillation Slider Movement chuq

60 mm



export rut mutlha'taH



wa' DIS

after-sales chavmoH

jonwI' lupoQ chavmoH overseas

delivery poH


product Features

modular chut lulajpu'bogh, weld pat according to customer requirement customizing chaw';

yuQmeyDaq qegh 'ej hydro-cylinder circumferential seam welding;

according to requirement, TIG, mig ghap MAG weld mIw, wutlh 'ej Vas Sech chonaDmo', cha'logh vaj Sech pagh DawIvpu'.

yuQmeyDaq Sar Hap 'u', such as carbon yoDSutlIj naQ, stainless yoDSutlIj naQ, titanium alloy 'ej aluminum alloy etc;

pneumatic loading Hap 'u' yuQmeyDaq 'ej hydraulic fixture yuv.

application Examples

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